Saber 1 Sword & Rifle LED Display Case


MADE TO ORDER! (Usually a 4week turnaround time)



     Our display cases are specially designed to be adjustable to your many personal collectible needs with a design to properly illuminate and to show off your prized possessions. From swords, rifles, replicas, and military collectibles of all kinds most collectibles can be easily fitted into our case. Our cases are very versatile, they can be conveniently be placed on table tops, stands, in offices, just about in any place; also depending on your personal preferences it could be hung on the wall in almost any position, vertically or horizontally!


           Unlike most other collectible display cases, ours gives you a better, more open view of the collectible being displayed, while at the same time it also gives you a piece of mind of your treasured item will be locked away securely within the case. Another one of our major features is that our Saber 1 Sword & Rifle case has that others do not, that it has impressive internal LEDs to illuminate and properly show off your collectible; working in any lighting situation even in lowest of light settings, with our easy to find LED ring button.


    • Dims: 50”w X 16.5”h X 9”d
    • LED lighting w/ external transformer
    • LED Ring Button (on/off switch)
    • Displays items 43” long & 9” wide
    • Clear acrylic 1/4” thick cover
    • Light defusing acrylic light shield
    • Customizable acrylic light shield
    • Steel case & mounting hooks (4 single & 2 double)
    • Adjustable mounting panel
    • Customizable mounting panel cover color (See top image)
    • Comes complete w/ all the hardware for all 3 mounting versions mentioned above
    • Comes w/ lock & two keys
    • Plugs into standard wall outlet
    • Has a neoprene seal that helps keep out moisture
    • Designed for home, office & collections
Fabric Color