Cavalry Display Designs is a proud Veteran Owned business who specializes in custom display cases for Business collectibles, Military, Police & Emergency Services. We also cater to proud collectors who want to display their weapon replicas or Sci-Fi Memorabilia. We aim to provide high quality displays for our customers to show off their prized possessions.


Cavalry Display Designs was created by two Army Cav Scout in 2017 who couldn’t find quality display cases to properly display their Sabers, then an idea took hold, why not do this ourselves! We have worked hard to bring this idea to reality just so we can share it with you!  

Billy J. Barnes Jr.
Joseph C. Zeller III (The Wolf)
Maggie (Death Dog)

Owner & Operator

A proud Cavalry Scout Veteran and full time single father. After the Army he decided that he wanted to started his own business; after studying business. He decided that it was time to apply his knowledge and teamed up with his Military Brother to create the displays you see now. 

Owner & Designer

Former Cavalry Scout (19D) in the US Army. Following the military, he started work in the sign & display industry where he learned & adapted his knowledge to crate the displays you see on this website. He is also a father to two brilliant children.

Morale Officer 

I is the death dog, and I will has keep you happy until the day you die. Or when I die, whichever will has come first. I will has love you, and I will has make you smile with my cute dogness.

(I deeply apologize for Maggie's spelling and grammar errors.)