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         The items that we make exclusively will have a red tab on it saying if it is a stock or made to order item. If it is a made to order item you will be able to click into the items description and find out what the turnaround time will be. Keep in mind some of our designs take more time than other simpler designs. Feel free to contact us about customizing any of our designs. Click Here for the SHOP.

         Everything we make can be customized to suit your needs including the addition of you company or personal logo. We are also capable of creating entirely custom displays and designs (logos and other computer generated designs) as well. All you have to do is contact us through our contact page info and if you have some personal design files you want to have us work with or incorporate into your custom  design we have a Dropbox that is visible on every page.

         Cavalry Display Designs LLC is always looking for new designers/businesses that want a web presence but don't have the time or manpower to facilitate a website. They will have a blue tag saying the name of  the company or its initials. If you fit in this category please feel free to contact us from our contact page and we will work with you to get your designs/items on our site and beyond.

Website Membership

       Please sign up to be a Cavalry Display Design Member on Membership page. Membership is free and does not require a you add any card information until your first purchase, as well as keeping you up to date with all the amazing things we have going on. We are currently are working on member discounts and perks. Click Here for Membership Signup


        We are happy to announce that we are teaming up with other sites and small business to help showcase and expand their works or to help them get a start with internet shopping. Links are free! We only ask that you add a link to this site on your page.

DK Mounts: Specializing in skateboard deck mounts for your favorite board & their own brand of custom abstract skate decksClick the logo.

Recon Wares: Sells custom made goods through Zazzle and have made some exclusive items for Cavalry Display Designs LLC. Please check them out. Click the logo.

Self- taught digital artist Isabel Badea, specializes in mixed media and digital paint using a computer and mouse as her tools of creativity. Click the logo.

Capitol City Parcord: Veteran Owned business that specializes in making all sorts of gifts and keepsakes out of Para-cord. Para-cord jewelry is also known as survival jewelry because it offers style but also a length of cord at a moments notice.  Click the logo.